May. 13th, 2016

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I came across a Teen chat room the other day. Sometimes I still forget I'm not sixteen anymore, I'm not gonna say I went there to see what are the teens up to these days, because I didn't, but that's what I found.
It'd seem 'people our age' don't care anymore what the young are up to these days, like it wasn't just yesterday, or last month, or last year that we were still teens; like it wasn't the other day when we weren't still allow to get drunk (but we did anyway); like we are already allow to not mention our parents anywhere, because we are oh so grown up. But to be honest, we should know that is time we don't forget what we did before we turned thirty. Let's not forget how it was, let's remember how much we hated what adults did to us. Why did we even want to grow up?

I came across a Teen chat room the other day, and between 'ANY GIRLS FOR CAM' and 'YOU WANNA SEE A BIG COCK' lost around, they were talking about politics. The teens we think are too stupid to understand what is going on in the world, were talking about politics, because contrary to popular belief, they know. They know who is going to be twenty when the people you choose for the government are in the power taking stupid decisions.
It is them. And they know they're fucked. They may as well be more fucked than we are now, and whether you want to accept it or not, we are pretty fucked. How much did you have to borrow for school? Who did you have to beg to give you money? How many of you were lucky bastards, and how many were just bastards?  

I guess the point is, when you see teens talking about politics, out of nowhere, in a chat room of all places, you know there's something really wrong with the world. 


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