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 Maybe I did or maybe I didn't, but I will never know for sure. 

See, my sister and I we do this thing where we get extremely bored and just go out and buy things to any store we can find; the closest one to home is Walgreens, and the irony of this is that you can find whatever the shit you want there: dog food? Yup; clothes? Sure thing; condoms? Duh; food? Is that even a question? 
So yeah, we go to Walgreens and buy Doritos at 10:00 pm on a Thursday and is nobody's business. 

This time, though, was memorable because of the fact that it was winter, I was extremely bad dressed, we were buying something I don't even remember, and this beautiful girl walks in, wearing a nice coat, kitty knee socks, short skirt, pink high heels, and I froze on the spot.
No way, I tell myself. No fucking way. There are pretty girls dressing like that these days, come on, you and your fucking wishful thinking. Right. So. No way. Then she fucking walks into the kids aisle to grab a teddy bear and a fucking coloring book. And crayons. I'll be damned. 

When I found out about this side of the human nature, one of the most interesting creatures I found weren't exactly the masochists; why not? Well, pain is a pretty common thing, and a lot of people enjoy it even if they don't know, in small quantities maybe, but they do; you can build your pain resistance and there you go. No, one of the most interesting were the pets and the baby girls. Oh, man, the baby girls. 

You see, a lot of people think these creatures are sick, trying to create a pedophile-friendly environment or some shit. They're fucking wrong. These people embrace that state of life we all are forced to leave behind at some point. They don't want to fuck their parent either, they're fucking looking for comfort and safety.
These people are fucking cool. They go back to themselves and explore, and do whatever it is that makes them happy, because you don't necessarily have to leave that part of yourself that made life easy and carefree. And there are other people who find them just incredible and precious and want to take care of them, and it doesn't mean they want to fuck a kid. Alright.

But then again, is kind of really rude to ask someone you don't know if they like to call their partner "Daddy", and play with toys, and make of coloring some sort of foreplay. One does not just ask someone if they're a baby girl, okay, you just don't. Or maybe I would had if my sister hadn't been there, she's open minded but not that much.

I wish I had, though; it would had been pretty cool if she would had said 'yes' and not hit me with her shoe on the face. 
Wishful thinking.  
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